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5 Best Under Desk Elliptical Honest Review (Updated 2021)

Before coming towards the five best under desk elliptical in the market, we know that Covid19 has changed the modern world of today. It has affected our ways of life.

Covid19 has not only changed our day to day activities but also has changed the style of our health and fitness.

So in this changing world need for an under-desk elliptical has become vital.

Now elliptical is not only the part of a gym but emerging as essential equipment of daily life.

Mini or portable ellipticals are providing facilities to burn calories for weight loss and now under desk ellipticals or machines are designed to engage the body in physical exercise by pedalling while sitting down.

How essential is the under-desk elliptical and what are The Pros and The Corns of the best five under desk elliptical we will discuss in this article.

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5 Best Under Desk Elliptical

Here is the list of 5 best under desk elliptical:

1. DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle, Pedal Exerciser


DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle, Pedal Exerciser is a mini stationary Exercise Bike that can be used at the office as well as at home.

To work out in a certain limit this under-desk elliptical has 8 intensity levels. You can select any of these levels for a proper workout.

This DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle, Pedal Exerciser has a magnetic precision flywheel which ensures discreet performance at all 8 resistance levels.

This elliptical is joint-free and its low-impact cycling helps you work out properly and conveniently burn calories while sitting.

With its active circulation enhances productivity, DeskCycle increases energy, and improves mood.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Simple power setting
  • Very quite


  • A little bit expensive.


Question: Is it for strengthening the quads?

Answer: It’s not going to give you bodybuilder’s legs but it can definitely increase the leg strength of the average person.

Question: Does it come fully assembled?

Answer: It does not come fully assembled. However, it is easy assembly – no more than 15 min to assemble, and everything needed for assembly is included with the bike.

Question: On a scale of 1-10, how noisy is this? Would like this if it could not be heard by the offices that are right next to mine?

Answer: I would rate it at one. This will not be heard by the offices right next to you. Very quiet.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Fully assembled Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical – SF-E3872, Grey


The best sellers of Amazon is this Sunny Health & Fitness Fully assembled Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical – SF-E3872.

To track time a digital monitor is embedded in this mini elliptical.

This elliptical has a belt drive magnetic resistance to this magnetic resistance to give low maintenance and smooth quiet exercise experience.

It comes with a tension knob which you can choose among 8 levels of magnetic resistance to build muscular stamina.

The compact size of this mini elliptical which can be fit under your desk gives you the freedom to use it at home or office.

With its transportation handle, you can carry it easily to your desired location.


  • Compact and handy.
  • Embedded digital meter.
  • To reduce noise large silicon wheels.
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance.


  • Only suitable for seated posture.


Question Is it bidirectional?

Answer Yes, you can use it clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

Question Is there a money-back guarantee?

Answer Yes. It has 30 days return period.

Question Can it help to reduce weight?

Answer By burning calories it helps to reduce weight.

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3. Cubii Jr. – Elliptical while sitting


This elliptical Cubii Jr. – Elliptical is one of the best sellers on the Amazon.

Cubii Jr. – Elliptical is specifically designed to be used while sitting in-home or office. This Cubii Jr. Desktop elliptical keeps you active throughout the day either you are in the office or at home.

This elliptical has the shape and smooth elliptical motion to keep your knees away from hitting the desk.

Cubii Jr is designed and built to be quiet. You can use it without disturbing people around you.

Cubii Jr mini elliptical has 8 resistance levels, so you can adjust and control the intensity of your exercise.

With its built-in monitor this elliptical tracks your workout in real-time, it records calories burned, revolution per second, real-time progress with time and distance.


  • Real-time tracking.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Minimal impacts on the joints.
  • Smooth and quiet.


  • The screws on the product get loose very fast.


Question: Is this loud? Or could I use it in an office I share with someone?

Answer: I don’t think there is a user weight limit. The device sits on the floor and the person is in a chair. You peddle but put almost no weight on the device. ,

Question: How tall a desk is needed?

Answer: In order to use the Cubii you need approximately 2 to 3 inches of clearance above your knees.

Answer: It’s very quiet!

Question: User weight maximum limit.


4. ATIVAFIT Elliptical under-desk bike, pedal exerciser


ATIVAFIT Elliptical under-desk bike is a reliable mini elliptical machine.

ATIVAFIT mini elliptical is a compact and lightweight machine; you can easily transport it to your home or office.

This elliptical has a brake resistance mechanism that ensures high and quite pedal movement with minimal sound.

This elliptical is designed with multiple resistance levels to control the intensity of workout according to your needs.

To ensure high comfort and to secure your feet this ATIVAFIT Elliptical has two large and anti-slip pedals.


  • Highly adjustable and integrated monitor.
  • Suitable for both sitting and standing positions.
  • 5 functions LCD monitor.
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Slightly difficult to balance in standing posture.


Question: How do you get the LCD to work, I put in a new battery and nothing happens it is always zero?

Answer: It turns on when you pedal.

Question: Can anyone tell me the weight capacity of the item? Sorry if it has been answered.

Answer: The recommended maximum user weight is 220LBS.

Question: Is it a smooth or jerky rotation?

Answer: Smooth.

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5. Bionic Body Magnetic Tension Under-Desk Elliptical Mini Stepper Trainer


Bionic Body Magnetic Tension Under-Desk Elliptical Mini Stepper Trainer with Resistance Tubes NS-1009 is an all in one workout station With the NS-1009.

This under-desk elliptical shape muscles and burn calories with each step.

This under-desk elliptical avoids switching between workout stations to train upper and lower body simultaneously.

This elliptical works as a stepper as well as mini elliptical. It engages your core and lower body during intense cardio workouts or a low-impact cardiovascular routine.

The resistance of Bionic Body Magnetic tubes provides upper body workouts.

This NS-1009 Elliptical Trainer has an ultra-functional LCD computer screen that acts as odometer which can help you to monitor your strides per minute, total strides, time elapsed, and

calories burned as well.


  • Heavy Duty Resistance Bands.
  • Sturdy Non-Slip Pedals.
  • Adjustable Magnetic Resistance.
  • All in one workout.


  • Slightly forward and reverse the problem.


Question: What’s the maximum weight limit?

Answer: 300 lbs.

Question: Does it have pre-set speeds?

Answer: No. You just peddle at whatever speed you want. It moves silently and smoothly. You can peddle backwards too.

Question: Is this electric or manually operated

Answer: This unit is manually operated.

As in this article, we have given you a brief description of each product with its ins and outs without any discrimination.

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With the best hope that you will select the best elliptical to keep you healthy and shape your body because your health and body is worth millions of time more than these under-desk elliptical machines.

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