Cubii Pro Vs Cubii Jr – Which Will Be Best Option?

Cubii Pro Vs Cubii Jr, are you searching for this? Your wait is over!

This question has an interesting but simple answer: This innovative seated elliptical is the creation of those who were victims of full-time desk jobs.

The company introduced Cubii as a beautiful product with a patented design, in addition to this best mini elliptical being ergonomic.

Whether developing this product or manufacturing it, the primary goal was to ensure that it will be low to the ground and damage no joints.

It’s the best elliptical since it’s the only elliptical that connects to a mobile app like Fitbit and Apple HealthKit.

Mobile apps connectivity helps to track, share and compete with a unique community in a real environment.

Cubii home ellipticals feature ultra-smooth gearing and whisper-quiet technology, and their state-of-the-art design is ideal for exercising at home, in the park, on the beach, or in the office without disturbing others or stressing joints.

Quick Guide:

Cubii Pro is our top choice for choosing the best cubii due to its key features such as wireless connectivity and workout tracking.

But if you are low in budget, Cubii Jr is also an excellent option because of its pricing and because both cubii products provide a similar level of workout.

Cubii Pro Vs Cubii Jr: Comparison Table


Cubii Pro

Cubii Jr


  • Noir

  • Chrome-Colored

  • Turquoise

  • Purple


23.15 x 17.56 x 10

23.15 x 17.56 x 10


32 Pounds

27. 5 Pounds

Quiet Operation

Fit Under-desk

Easy to Adjust



Tracking App


Detailed Review


Cubii Pro Vs Cubii Jr: Detailed Features Comparison


There are many differences listed below:

Earlier and recent version

A misconception exists that Cubii Jr will be significantly smaller than its predecessor, but this isn’t true. Cubii Jr is the earlier version and Cubii Pro is the most recent.

With and without LCD

Cubii Jr is with built-in LCD display, this digital monitor of Cubii Jr allows you to keep up with your progress while working out. You can track calories burned, strides pedaled, distance traveled, and more with this LCD display.

But Cubii Pro has no such LCD display to track calories burned, strides pedaled, distance traveled, etc.

Cubii Jr is an earlier version of Cubii products while Cubii Pro is more advance.

With Bluetooth and without Bluetooth

The Cubii Pro is with Bluetooth-enabled technology, which allows you to connect to the cubii exclusive app and other fitness apps.

With this, you can track your workout progress over time and you can also compete with other Cubiiers around the world in real-time.

While The Cubii Jr. does not support Bluetooth and fitness tracking apps like Apple Health Kit and Fitbit.

With SmartPhone and Without Smart Phone

Smartphone is needed to exercise effectively with Cubii Pro which requires extra attention.

On the other hand, there is no need of such extra activity while working out on Cubii Jr.

Price difference

Cubii Pro is a costly under-desk mini elliptical and the Cubii Jr is relatively lower in price.

Workout competition and without competition

Live workout classes are available with Cubii Pro. There are no such live workout classes are available while working out with Cubii Jr.

Same dimension but the weight difference

The dimensions of Cubii Jr are 23.15 x 17.56 x 10 inches and weighted 27. 5 Pounds approximately

On the other hand, the dimensions of Cubii Pro are the same 23.15 x 17.56 x 10 inches but weighted 32 Pounds.

In spite of the availability of Cubii Pro in the market, the under-desk elliptical Cubii Jr still remains the best option to choose and it is also a top choice on Amazon.


Many Functions are similar in both products check below:

Same levels of resistance

The resistance of Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr should be relatively the same.

Seated ellipticals

Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro can both be used while seated in a comfortable place and Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro can also be placed on carpet or a mat. However, Cubii’s workout mat is the best for avoiding a little bit of carpet sliding.

Minimal impacts on joints

Cubii Jr. and Cubii Pro both exert minimal pressure on the joints.

Whisper quiet

There is whisper quiet technology in both of these portable mini elliptical machines.

Now, let’s check the detailed review of each cubii.

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Cubii Pro

Our Pick

Cubii Pro

Under Desk Elliptical with Bluetooth sync Fitbit & Apple

Cubii Pro is a Bluetooth-compatible compact portable elliptical. Go with the present and join the future with Cubii Pro as Cubii Pro syncs to a mobile app, Fitbit smart bands, and Apple Health Kit. These mobile apps allow you to keep track of your health and fitness progress.

Check Price

Cubii Pro is one of the best sellers seated elliptical nowadays.

If you want to burn your calories by preventing fatigue then Cubii Pro mini elliptical is the best of all mini elliptical trainers.

The best use of the Cubii Pro is just to sit back and relax and start moving this portable elliptical.

Key Features
  • Ultra-smooth gearing technology is used in this elliptical mini and it results in a whisper-quiet design.
  • With this mini elliptical machine, you can exercise at home, in the office, or at any outdoor location without putting an extra burden on your joints.
  • Cubii Pro is a Bluetooth-compatible compact portable elliptical.
  • Go with the present and join the future with Cubii Pro as  Cubii Pro syncs to a mobile app, Fitbit smart bands, and Apple Health Kit. These mobile apps allow you to keep track of your health and fitness progress.
  • Cubii is the best elliptical targets core muscles of your body as hip flexors, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves as well.
  • This elliptical mini can help you to burn calories and stay active.

Exercise with comfort is the aim of Cubii and Cubii Pro is so much adjustable that it can fit on and in front of types of chairs. Cubii Pro is the most suitable for use at home, on the lawn, in the office, and outdoor with ease of comfort.

  • Fit while you sit

This is the main slogan about this one of the best mini elliptical. While sitting you can work out of your need.

  • Best for physical therapy

This mini elliptical is no doubt the best physical therapy machine for elderly people.

  • Whisper quiet

Cubii’s major claim is that the product is so quiet that a person sitting next to you will not be able to tell you’re exercising.

  • Compact elliptical

It is a quite compact elliptical machine in comparison to other models on the market.

  • Low impact elliptical

With its low shape and a distance of adjustment from the user, this mini elliptical can exert low impact on joints.

  • Reduces lower back pain

Some people recommend a back pain killer because you can while sitting back and relax.

  • Bluetooth compatible

The most prominent feature is Bluetooth connectivity for better results.

  • Solid elliptical

This mini elliptical machine is no doubt solid in progress and heavy is in weight.

  • 8 level of resistance

This portable elliptical machine has 8 levels of resistance. You can tap to change the resistance level.

  • Live workout classes

With apps, you can work out in a real-world environment and can compete with others.

  • Assembled

Cubii is an assembled device you just need a little bit of connectivity.

  • Some issues with Apps

As Bluetooth connectivity and app are advancements but they need to be tune.

  • Without display monitor

It is without a display monitor so you are unable to enjoy the benefits of LCD.

Suitable for sitting posture only

  • Cubii Pro is half of the size of other ellipticals and is suited only for sitting posture.


How intense of a workout can you get from this?

Depending on your fitness level. Compared to a stationary bike at the gym set at about half its maximum resistance, this has the highest resistance. It is also smaller in diameter to travel the pedals. In spite of that, you’re still going to burn a lot of calories over the course of 8 hours.

What makes this so much better than similar products on the market for half the cost?

The number of elliptical machines has gone up dramatically in recent years.

From my own research when deciding which product to buy I learned that some of them were loud, some dripped oil (you would be freaked out if the oil split on the carpet), and some might not be designed well enough to avoid your knees hitting the underside of your desk. Also, Cubii pro has an app that allows you to track progress and control resistance from your phone.

It’s been over a year since I started using the Cubii. It has posed few problems so far. In one case, the pedal came loose after the warranty had expired, but it was replaced for free.

In warranty, the USB charging port failed, and they replaced it at no charge to me – I returned the original broken machine at their expense. Bluetooth connectivity is so convenient. It is easy to use the app. Its own unobtrusive and quiet operation ensures quiet working conditions. I think it is just a better device.

Can you break a sweat?

The answer is yes! You will definitely get sweaty. You may want to control your pedal speed if you have an upcoming meeting while using it at work. I burn more than 1,000 calories a day at work.

How accurate is this elliptical in the calorie count?

Do not forget that no elliptical machine is accurate when it comes to counting calories.

Due to the fact that your weight and other factors affect the number of calories burnt in this case, the same could not be said as accurate. If you have a Fitbit, you can wear it on your ankle when using the Cubii and you can get an idea of how many calories you have burned based on your weight.

Is this good for someone with knee pain? Is there less pressure on the knees than if you were standing up?

I’m just speculating, but it might be that the user is sitting too close to the pedals. We all know that when you do squats, your knee shouldn’t extend so far out that it’s over your foot. However, it is out, so the knee stays back. I think I’m describing that right.

When I first started using it, I felt as if I should be closer than I had been (though later I saw that they were placed farther back than I did. My knees started feeling it.

After a few tries, I found the right distance for myself and have not had any problems since. I moved back a little at a time at first, and my being short most likely made the distance different from others.

It’s important I measure it so that it’s accurate wherever I put it. There is no guessing. Additionally, I make sure that my chair is exactly square. The whole thing may seem absurd to you. But alignment is important.

How much knee bend is required to use this seated elliptical?

As the angle bend of the Cubii best mini elliptical is pretty low, the knees won’t go as high up as they would if you were using a peddler that mimicked the motion of a bicycle. This means that your knee is at an angle of 90 degrees or more, most of the time. If you want to reduce the bend of your knee, you can also move the Cubii further away from you.

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Cubii Jr

Best Price

Cubii Jr

Under Desk Elliptical With LCD Display

The ergonomic design of cubii Jr is perfect for use while sitting, and the advancements it has made make it a low impact seated mini elliptical.
You can monitor your progress on this elliptical with a digital monitor in real-time, including calories, burned, revolutions per second, time, and distance.

Check Price

Cubii Jr is truly the best mini elliptical under desk choice of Amazon for all those people who are searching for an affordable product in this category.

Currently, this is one of the best-selling mini elliptical machines in the market.

Cubii Jr is specifically designed for use at home or in the office.

When you are exercising on this Cubii Jr. Elliptical, you will be able to be active as you go through your day, whether at the office or at home.

Key Features
  • Cubii Jr was built and designed to be as quiet as possible, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing those around you.
  • This compact seated elliptical has a low shape and smooth elliptical motion.
  • You won’t have to worry about your knees hitting the desk due to its low profile.
  • The mini elliptical trainer has 8 resistance levels that allow you to control your workout intensity.
  • Cubii is the best mini elliptical equipment with a patented ergonomic design.
  • The ergonomic design of this home equipment is perfect for use while sitting, and the advancements it has made make it a low impact seated mini elliptical.
  • You can monitor your progress on this elliptical with a digital monitor in real-time, including calories burned, revolutions per second, as well as time and distance.
  • With Cubii Jr you burn more calories and get better results since its shape allows better fat burning.

Cubii Your Partner

With many features, this best mini elliptical machine is your partner in many activities as you can enjoy your other activities such as

You can watch your favorite show

If you are not willing to leave your favorite TV show and also not willing to let your workout then no problem. You can watch and perform your exercise at the same time with Cubii.

You can be busy in study

If reading is your passion and exercise is your habit then Cubii is your partner. reading your favorite book then it is with you

Work and workout together

Moreover, if you are doing your office work you can remain busy in your work while working out.

The quiet, noise-free environment Cubii provides will ensure you will not be disturbed during the whole time.

Cubii Jr is produced with whisper-quiet technology and Cubii JR1 is best seated under a desk elliptical machine for home workout.

  • Easy to assemble

This best mini elliptical is easy to assemble with fewer efforts and less time you can assemble it.

  • Smooth

Cubii is a smooth and easy-to-use low knees workout best elliptical.

  • Whisper quit

The major claim of Cubii is the product is noiseless that a person sitting next to you cannot imagine you are working out.

  • Compact elliptical

As compared to other elliptical in the market Cubii is quite compact elliptical.

  • Minimal impacts on the joints

This mini elliptical is low in shape and distance from the user can be adjusted so it exerts low impact on the joints.

  • Real-time tracking with integrated screen monitor

Built-in LCD display allows you to track your performance.

  • Portable mini elliptical

As a portable elliptical machine, you can carry it anywhere.

  • Noise complaints

Regardless of the main claims by Cubii, there are some issues with noise complained by some users.

  • The screws on the product get loose very fast

Poor tightness of the screws is another complaint raised by some users.

  • A little bit expensive

When we compare the price of Cubii with other elliptical in the market then it is a little bit higher as compared to other mini elliptical.


If someone is paralyzed, will this work for him to get passive movement for stretching and circulation?

When you pedal on the Cubii, your legs need to do the pushing. Nevertheless, it is an excellent tool for stretching your legs and for improving your circulation. You should talk to your physician to determine whether a Cubii is something that might be of help to you.

In addition, cubii is an excellent machine for those with disabilities or who are elderly. You need to pedal the Cubii with your legs if you want to use it. This compact seated elliptical is great for stretching your legs and for improving circulation.

How tall a desk is needed?

If you wish to use the Cubii portable treadmill, your knees must be approximately two to three inches from the ground. Ensure that you take into account your keyboard tray if you have one when using this compact seated elliptical.

Would this help if someone is trying to thin and tone his thighs?

It will definitely change the way your thighs and legs look since you started using it.

One of the users has two Cubii devices now, one for home and one for work. His desire to never be without one of them when any of them breaks has led him to buy another one just in case one of them ever breaks. You can increase the resistance and pedal backward for an extra challenge. This is a great workout that’s surprisingly easy to do.

What muscle groups do this mini under desk elliptical target? What are the health benefits?

During this brief Cubii elliptical review, you will learn that the Cubii Jr exercises glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, abductors, and flexors along with the core.

The elliptical Cubii’s main benefit is the increased movement it provides as well as all the extra benefits such as increased circulation, muscle strengthening, better concentration, and the loosening of joints that come along with it.

 Cubii Pro  is our top choice for choosing the best cubii due to its key features such as wireless connectivity and workout tracking.

But if you are low in budget, Cubii Jr is also an excellent option because of its pricing and because both cubii products provide a similar level of workout.

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