Pedal Exerciser vs Stationary Bike (Which is Better?)

When the choice between an exercise bike and a stationary bike comes up, and you compare the pedal exerciser to a stationary bike, there are a number of differences you will notice. It is in trending some tend to go for the stationary bike and some tend to go for the pedal exerciser. The main reasons are given to guide you who prefer what for what?

Differences (Pedal Exerciser vs Stationary Bike)

We should begin by discussing the differences between stationary and a pedal exerciser.


Stationary bikes have a seat that is usually padded, have a handlebar, and sometimes even have a wheel so you can push yourself around. Peddling is possible when you get off the bike. Usually, resistance is low on this type of bike, so you can take longer periods of time on it without getting tired. On the other hand, a pedal exerciser has no seat. You can sit in a chair or on a sofa and can easily start your workout. You just need to put your feet on the pedals and start. You can also enjoy other activities like reading, watching TV or can play games on mobile during the exercise.


A stationary exercise provides a number of functions for working out the upper and lower body. Its multiple handles, wheels, and resistance levels provide multipurpose efficiency. On the other hand, a pedal exerciser is simple, consists of a small frame and two pedals. Its working is also simple as compared to the stationary bike.

Design of the drive system

The major difference between an exercise bike and a stationary pedal exerciser is the design of the drive system. The design of the drive system on a pedal exerciser can make it more efficient than a stationary bicycle. Many pedal exercisers are made with a magnetic drive system. This allows the exerciser to use very little energy while providing smooth, quiet, continuous pedaling. A stationary pedal exerciser has separate drive systems for each pedal. A pedal exerciser consists of multiple drive units that all have pedals. Since each pedal is independently driven, an individual pedal can be used without stopping the cycle.

Resistance levels

The stationary pedal exerciser has no resistance level, which means that the resistance level is constant. If you only want to get in shape, this can work fine, but if you want to do any strength training, you may find that the constant resistance is no match for you. On the other hand a stationary bike has many resistance levels to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout.

Portability and Storage

Comparing the pedal exerciser to a stationary bicycle both equipments are portable. When it comes to size, the pedal exerciser has a smaller size as compared to the stationary bike so it is easy to move or store the pedal exerciser.


Comparatively to a stationary bike, a pedal exerciser is more versatile. In the case of a pedal exerciser, you can pedal with your arms for a lower body workout and by placing the pedal exerciser on the desk or table you can also shape your upper or arms muscles. As far as stationary bikes are concerned, their core function is to target the lower body muscles; however, you can also use them to target the upper body.


A pedal exerciser is a valuable equipment for you if you are

  • A very busy person
  • Elderly
  • Have injuries

To enjoy the exercise on a stationary bike it is necessary you have no injuries and have time to enjoy cycling with wheels.

Stationary Bike

Our top selection of stationary bikes you can buy for your home gym.

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A stationary bike is basically a simple device used for exercise or workouts, specifically for indoor cycling. This stationary bike usually includes pedals, a seat, and a style of handlebars designed like a normal bike. There are certain benefits of these bikes and have both pros and cons. To better understand these, let’s read on.

Easy to use

One of the main benefits of this bike is that it is easy to use. Compared to a treadmill or an elliptical machine, which requires precise movements, using a bike makes it easy to make fast, smooth, and efficient workouts. Bikes are a great way to work out for the legs, the arms, the hips, the back, and anywhere else that you want to tone and strengthen. A stationary bike offers a wide range of workout options. These stationary bikes are also a good choice if you are looking for a good all-around workout on a machine.


Unlike other machines, such as a treadmill or an elliptical machine, you can done cycling workouts right in your own home. This is convenient for many different reasons.

  • It allows you to be able to work out at your own place.
  • You have not to wait for the other members to catch up.
  • At any time you can start your workout.

Use progression model

The stationary bikes use a progression model. With the progression model, as you pedal over one level, the resistance increases.

Full Body workout

With a stationary bike you also get a full body. The leg muscles get a great workout as do the abdominal and back muscles. Your upper body is also used quite effectively when you use the resistance offered by your pedals. If you want to build strength in your upper body, or if you just want to lose weight and gain muscle mass, working out on a stationary bike can be just what you need. While it does not offer extreme strength or weight lifting, it works out nearly every major muscle group in your body.

Full Body workout without using hands

The third reason why a stationary bike can benefit you is that it offers a full-body workout without using your hands. There are many machines in the market that works on your upper body, but they do not work your lower body muscles as much. For this reason, it works out your abdominal and back muscles, which are two of the biggest muscle groups in your body. Abdominal and back muscles are really important because these two muscles help, support your joints.

Weight loss

The main reason many people decide to use a stationary bike is to lose weight. The average person will burn about 800 calories on a stationary bike in an hour of workout time. This means that you can burn more calories, which makes a stationary bike ideal for weight loss programs

Prevent bone deterioration

The stationary bikes also help to prevent bone deterioration from hard, constant overuse.

Cardiovascular exercise

The stationary bike also provides cardiovascular exercise. By using the stationary bike you can

  • Burn calories and fat
  • Strengthening the legs
  • Can strengthen your lungs

So exercise bike riding helps to improve your cardiovascular health. In a study published it was determined that the people who participated in bike exercise riding were likely to have a higher muscle strength than those who have did not exercise.

Build Immune system

In this age of Covid best immune system is essential protection against Covid. According to experts pedaling during the intensity portion of a workout may help to build an overall immune system. As the improved immune system can help to prevent deadliest Covid, colds and other diseases

Strengthen Fitness level

When you pedal your stationary bike continuously it increases your fitness level with the passage of time. With the ever-increasing intensity of workouts, your leg strength increases because you require more force and energy.

Pedal exerciser

Top pick for best pedal exercisers you need to buy for your home gym.

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What is a pedal exerciser? A pedal exerciser is an exercise bicycle that is designed to pedal the same as an ordinary bicycle. A pedal exerciser simulates actual cycling action, with the pedals acting much like the pedals of a real bike. It provides a unique workout for different levels of fitness. The pedal machine consists of only the pedal mechanism, with no seat, and without handlebars. Pedal machine has a small size which allows it to fit easily into even small places. Pedal machine is the best choice for those who are willing to recover soon from injury or surgery.

Benefits of the pedal exerciser 

There are certain benefits of pedal exerciser and have both pros and cons Let’s read it to have a better understanding:

Sit back and relax elliptical

The major benefits of pedal exerciser are these are sitting back and relax workout machines. There is no need to keep your body in balance.


While exercising safety is the first point to be considered. A pedal exerciser provides a safe and secure opportunity to achieve this goal. In some cases, safety sensors cushions are added for protection.

Ease of use

When it comes to the pedal exerciser it provides workouts in user-friendly conditions. There are rare chances that you will feel uncomfortable. Mostly, pedal exercisers are sturdy and these come with padded handles and seats.

Easy to store

After using the pedal exerciser you can easily store your elliptical. Moreover, some models can be folded down and placed in a small space for storage if there is a space problem.

Cardio fitness workout

Pedal exercisers are considered the cardio fitness machine and pedal exercisers allow the user to maximize his or her workout.

No undue stress

Pedal exerciser allows the exerciser to achieve a cardio fitness workout without placing undue stress on the lower back.

Burn calories

A pedal exerciser is a good way of workout to burn calories.

Upper and lower body workout

A pedal exerciser is not only meant for lower body workouts, it also helps to tone the muscles of the upper body also. A pedal exerciser helps upper body muscles such as the shoulder and arm muscles get a nice workout too.

Increase heart rate

Another benefit of a pedal exerciser is it increases your heart rate. Using the machine without holding onto the pedals will result in your heart rate going up because you are in constant motion.

Adnominal and back muscles

A pedal exerciser also targets your adnominal as well as back muscles. By continuing pedal exercise you can increase your muscles strength and can decrease your chances of injury.

Cardiovascular health

This leads to better blood circulation, better oxygen flows through your body, and more nutrients being delivered to all the tissues in your upper body. in this way, it gave better overall cardiovascular health.

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